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It seems to me that Western science and Eastern philosophy can join together to create a really complete and full-fledged human being. It is only in this way that man will emerge strengthened from his condition and become whole. What in fact interests me is what is beyond matter and awareness, what really is important, and what makes us what we are.   – HH the Dalai Lama

“We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity is to survive.” – Albert Einstein

�Not only are we connected in the physical to all things in the present, but we are also connected to our past and future. We need to bring our indigenous knowledge forward as a means for our survival. This does not mean we go back to living as we did in the past, it means we bring forward our ancestor�s way of thought and actions. We must change our way of thought and actions if we are going to survive  – Ella Mulford, a member of the Din� (Navajo) Nation, is a Ta�neeszahnii and born for Tt�aashci�i and related to To�tosohnii and Tl�izila�ni.�From the book Every day is a good day: Reflections by Contemporary Indigenous Women by Wilma Mankiller (2004), Fulcrum Publishing, Golden, CO.

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