Our Team

Wayne P. London, M.D.
, the founder of MASHnorth

Wayne P. London, M.D., a board-certified psychiatrist, graduated from Harvard Medical School and from 1981 to 1995 he was on the faculty of Dartmouth Medical School. He has published more than 25 scientific papers on alcoholism, breast cancer, dyslexia, left-handedness, full-spectrum light and other topics.

From 2001 to 2007, he was an intermittent consultant at the Windber Medical Center and the Windber Research Institute in Windber, Pennsylvania.

Since 1994, he has been developing and applying a theory of metaphysical and spiritual healing (MASH) that connects to the Ancestors and to Place. The theory is based on specific vibrational flow patterns or spiritual modes that generalize electromagnetic fields and transcend the physical world of space and time.

These spiritual modes are “Universal Truths” that can be found in science, in the arts and in multiple spiritual traditions such as the Celtic, Judaic, Christian, the West African Caribbean Yoruba, in the seven Hindu Chakras, the Hebrew language, the Classic Greek musical modes and in the music of Beethoven. Healing rituals (research-driven rituals) that address specific biologic and scientific mechanisms can be designed based on the spiritual modes and the ancient wisdom of multiple spiritual traditions.

Parts of the metaphysical theory that deal with the idea of Spiritual Path and the notions of “Belong, In” and “Not Belong, Not In” appear in the Medical Epilogue of Sara’s Story.

Paul Eagle

Paul has been a researcher, illustrator, and computer tamer for the MASH team since 1997. With a degree in Biology from M.I.T., Paul worked as a senior project technician and freelance science writer before chosing to provide technical support for non-profit groups and individuals building a better future.

Charles Monette

Charles Monette graduated magna cum laude from New York  University in 1995 with a Masters Degree in Educational Theatre.  From 1995 to 2005 he was an assistant professor in the Communications and Art departments at Landmark College in Putney, Vermont.

Prior to his career in education, Charles was a Master carpenter for William’s and Frehsee Inc. in Brattleboro building passive solar homes. He also worked for the Brattleboro Design group.

Charles is also a playwright, an actor and a disabled veteran of the Viet Nam war.  In Vietnam he walked point (first in line) for four months, and was wounded on June 15, 1971 in a battle with the NVA.  His rank was Sergeant E-5 and he was awarded a Bronze Star with Valor, a Bronze Star, a  Purple Heart, and an Air Medal for combat aerial flights over  Vietnam.

Charles resides in Brattleboro, Vermont, is the loving father of Simone and Devan and he balances himself at what appears to be an indigenous peoples’ site in the Woodlands area
behind Solar Hill. His interest in metaphysical research and healing – mood disorders and healing by connecting to place – began in the late 1990’s and continues to resonate today.

Sara Willis

A lifelong resident of the St. Johnsbury, VT area, Sara graduated from St. Johnsbury Academy.

At age 14 she developed multiple sclerosis, and during the past seven years she has shown sustained partial recovery from the MASH approach.

She and her husband, David, live at Round Barn Farm in nearby Barnet, VT, which is at the junction of Joes Brook and the Passumpsic River, and which is one of the sacred healing sites of the MASHnorth program in the St. Johnsbury, VT area.