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Last revised:  23 Dec 07



We are proposing that prior group warrior memories are one environmental trigger of ALS, and that the warrior archetype of devoted physical action (as in soldiers, athletes, nurses, police and fire people) is associated with ALS, just as the Type A personality is associated with heart dis-ease.

Recent scientific studies suggest a “war-related environmental trigger" in ALS that is “dose related” and associated with an early onset. For example, veterans of W.W.I, W.W. II, the Korean and Vietnam wars died of ALS at 1.5 times the expected rate (Harvard cohort study); ALS is more common in Gulf War veterans (2 fold increase) and in Italian professional soccer players (six fold increase).

In contrast, people who were Time magazine's Man of the Year were seven times more likely than expected to have Parkinson's disease.

This metaphysical approach to ALS is consistent with epidemiological data of ALS and the curious clustering of ALS cases. It also suggests a time honored, preventative, cost effective, safe and non-invasive healing approach to ALS - individual and group rituals in a warrior place with the intent of non-attaching to prior group warrior experiences.

One such warrior place would be Somerset County, Pennsylvania, which is the site of the 9/11 plane crash in Shanksville, PA and of the nine trapped miners in nearby Sipesville, PA. We want to test the hypothesis that ALS can be healed by connecting to this warrior place in the Phi Proportion.

We have also found eleven cases of ALS in NFL, or almost NFL American football players who played from the mid 1960's to the mid 1990's. This is probably at least twice the expected rate, and is a finding that deserves immediate systematic study (see update of Dec., 2007).

An Application to ALS of Rupert Sheldrake's Theory of Morphic Resonance

The theory of morphic resonance proposes memory fields of habits and traditions that transcend space and time and that are akin to magnetic fields. Since the memories, habits and traditions manifest in recurrent cycles, in some ways the theory is a systematic approach to "what goes around, comes around." Sheldrake's key quotes are "things are as they are, because they were as they were," and "the effect of like on like." (Introduction to morphic resonance.)


Incidence The annual incidence of ALS is 2 cases per 100,000 people per year.

ALS is more common than people think.  The lifetime chance of getting ALS is actually 1 in 1,000, or about the same as getting multiple sclerosis - an autoimmune dis-ease that can also affect movement. That frequency produces about 5000 new cases of both ALS and of multiple sclerosis per year in the US. ALS is more common in men and multiple sclerosis is more common in women.

Prevalence The average life expectancy in ALS is about six years, so that 5,000 new cases per year times an average survival of six years gives about 30,000 people alive with ALS at any one time in the US. In contrast, at any one time in the US, at least one MILLION people have Parkinson's dis-ease.

A Dis-ease of Aging The population incidence rate of ALS is known to increase strikingly with age, occurring almost entirely during the sixth through eighth decades of life, but rarely before age 45 years.

Most plausible biological mechanism for ALS is protein misfolding. The misfolding of proteins has emerged as a common mechanism of such dis-eases as Mad Cow, CJ, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's and in diabetes.

In ALS, the misfolded protein  would be the SOD1 protein in the astrocyte cell at the glutamate synapse of the motor (movement) pathway. The SOD1 protein detoxifies oxygen free radicals or unpaired electrons that are toxic to the cell. If kinked or misfolded, the SOD1 protein loses this ability, and the astrocyte cell dies. Since the astrocyte cell contains the glutamate re-uptake system, this cell death leads to high glutamate levels at the synapse and eventual exhaustion and death of nerves and muscles. The resulting hyper-excitability of the muscles produces the observed fasciculations of ALS.

The only drug that has been approved specifically for ALS, Rilutek, works by blocking transmission at the glutamate synapse. The drug extends life, on average, only a couple of months, which suggests that the excess transmission at the glutamate synapse is a secondary and not a primary feature of the dis-ease.

Although misfolding of the SOD1 protein is  the most plausible mechanism of ALS, it is possible that like fever or breast cancer, ALS could be a final common pathway of multiple biological mechanisms, protein misfolding being just one.

Sporadic and genetic ALS About 90% of ALS cases are sporadic - have no genetic basis - and only about 10% are genetic -have a mutational error on DNA.

Unknown environmental factor(s) It is generally accepted that some as yet unknown environmental factor triggers both the sporadic (non-genetic) and the genetic form of ALS. Nobody knows what that environmental factor is. The search has been for physical toxic substances such as herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, or heavy metals. A consistent finding is that smoking carries a two-fold increase in the risk of developing ALS.

Clusters of ALS   An unusual aspect of ALS is that cases appear to cluster in certain locations such as Mobile Bay AL (35 cases), Middleboro MA (27 cases), within 30 miles of Bradford VT (35 cases), San Antonio TX and other places.

A cluster of 29 cases also occurred among Canadian navy personnel serving in the Halifax, Canada, area in the 1950's.

As mentioned below, ALS is more prevalent in Italian socer players and in American NFL football players. A cluster of 3 ASL cases occurred in a group of amateur soccer players in Southern England, and in 3 members of the San Francisco '49ers football team from the 1960's.

The reasons for the apparent clustering are not known.

The clustering of ALS cases coupled with the search for toxic physical substances has led to the idea that ALS  is occurring at sites of toxic chemicals. Much effort is being devoted to this approach.

Even if true, it's hard to know how to heal ALS based on this scenario. Furthermore, the epidemiological evidence presented here is not consistent with a toxic chemical basis of the dis-ease.


If you are looking for something and can't find it, there are two possibilities. Either what you are looking for does not exist, or you are looking in the wrong place.

Since people are triggering ALS, an environmental factor that triggers ALS exists, and so we must be looking in the wrong place.

Perhaps we are looking for a princiPLE and not a princiPAL.

The metaphysical approach suggests that one unknown environmental factor is not physical but metaphysical, such as the memory of a group or individual experience.

Our hypothesis is that the memory of group warrior experiences is one trigger of ALS. But, once again, like fever or breast cancer, ALS could be a final common pathway of multiple etiologies, the metaphysical being just one.

As noted above, ALS is more common in men, and we suspect that this metaphysical hypothesis is more relavent to men getting ALS.

In support of this metaphysical hypothesis, we present:

A Supporting Proposition: ALS is associated with the warrior archetype of de-voted physical action, that is, the warrior morphic/memory field.

The evidence, which includes both warriors on the battlefield and warriors on the athletic field, is based on several scientific studies plus what we are calling "Informal Studies of Famous People."

These studies suggest that the warrior archetype is associated with ALS and the statesman archetype with Parkinson's dis-ease - the other neurological dis-ease of aging that affects movement.

The scientific studies of ALS suggest a "war-related environmental trigger", which we are proposing is prior group warrior experiences.

An individual's vulnerability to this environmental factor would be what we are calling "top gun team warrior-ness."

The warrior archetype includes the more general notion of de-voted physical action, where "de-votion" means "from the vow." Warriors on the battlefield and on the athletic field exhibit this de-voted physical action.

We are suggesting that a group of people - through the warrior  archetype of de-voted physical action - can be knowingly or unknowingly attached to prior group warrior experiences that can trigger ALS. As detected by the scientific studies, warriors on the battlefield and warriors on the athletic field are the tip of this iceberg of warrior de-voted physical action.

We are proposing that  the warrior archetype of de-voted physical action is to ALS as the Type A personality is to heart dis-ease.

These studies imply that when re-searching dis-eases that as yet have no cure, searching for metaphysical archetypes is as valid as looking for toxic chemicals. Principles, not principals.

This metaphysical approach suggests an immediate, cost effective and preventative healing strategy - non-attachment to prior group warrior experiences.

For more information see:
ALS and the Warrior Archetype:  Studies


Since we believe that ALS is associated with group warrior morphic/memory fields, we characterize these group morphic/memory fields by...

A Technical Proposition: Group Warrior Morphic/Memory fields manifest both temporally (across time) and spatially (across space) in the phi proportion.

(The phi proportion appeared in the currently popular book," The DaVinci Code.")

The evidence for the phi temporal pattern involves what we call the Semper Phi Warrior Sequence that contains such numbers as 20, 32, 52, and 84. We suggest that warrior events of today are coming from the Semper Phi Warrior Sequence - as if the present moment is a target of several historical sources that are in the phi proportion.

The evidence for the phi spatial pattern uses the time honored ancient wisdom of the indigenous peoples that memory patterns -also called the ancestors- occur along, for example, lines across the surface of the earth. The Australian Aborigines called these memory lines, songlines, and they knew to do ritual and to contact the ancestors on these songlines. Different memory patterns would occur on different memory lines.

These lines have also been called ley lines; we'll call them group memory lines. They would, so to speak, be the field lines of the morphic/memory fields or the nerves or memory banks of the "group nervous system."

The extensive work of Peter Champoux describes memory and historical patterns and ley lines.

We are proposing that group warrior memories recur in the phi proportion on group warrior lines such as a latitude line. It is as if  places in the phi proportion on a group warrior line act as a phi antenna for the semper phi warrior sequence signal.

The best example of a group warrior line is the latitude 30 line, which we call Delta 30, that goes through Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida and extends to Cairo, Egypt, Kuwait and the southern tip of Iraq.

For more a more complete discussion see the section:
Group Warrior Morphic/Memory Fields and the Phi Proportion


This metaphysical approach to ALS generates a healing strategy that is based on the warrior archetype of de-voted physical action,"from the vow," and non-attachment to a prior group warrior experience. The tactics involve the notions of re-pair , re-deem and the phi proportion .

The idea is that a group of people have taken a Re-Pair/Re-deem Vow. The re-pairing is at the individual level and the re-deem is at the group level.

The stronger the vow and the attachment to a prior group warrior experience, the more the "top gun team warrior-ness" as in Lou Gehrig, Jimmy "Catfish" Hunter, top gun Gulf War veteran Major Michael Donnelly and the professional athletes. In terms of ALS, an intense warrior vow, as the scientific studies show, manifests as an elevated rate of ALS in warriors that is "dose related" and that occurs as an early onset.

(This duel vow of re-pair and re-deem  implies that ALS would be relatively less common than say Parkinson's dis-ease, which would not involve a dual vow.)

Individuals Re-pairing The word "re-pair" has three meanings: pair again, re-turn to a place and fix/heal.

In terms of pairing again, ALS might also stand for "Another Love Story" because it appears that a common dynamic of ALS is two people coming together - either as high school sweethearts or pairing again later in life. (We can give several examples of this re-pairing dynamic in ALS.)  As with making a physical baby, it might take two people to manifest ALS.

A ritual of de-voted physical action in the context of a vow often plays itself out  in the course of an ALS illness between the pALS and the primary care giver who is usually the spouse.

In terms of re-turning to a place and fixing/healing, the pairing couple would re-turn to a group re-demption center that is on a Group Memory Line to participate in a group re-demption ritual. This accounts for the clustering of ALS.

Group Re-demption

The word "re-deem" means to re-purchase, which implies doing a group re-demption ritual at a group re-demption center.

It is as if the two re-pairing people - like a wedding couple - are a dual key that unlocks a group archive that contains a coupon/story that needs to be re-deemed at a group re-demption center. The re-demption allows the group to re-purchase and move forward beyond the prior group experience.

A member is a limb. The de-limbing of the body of a person in ALS would be re-membering the de-limbing of the body of a group of people from a prior group warrior experience. The ALS would be an opportunity to re-member and to re-deem (re-purchase) the prior group warrior experience. Two individuals re-pairing provide the opportunity for the group re-demption.

The Phi Proportion

We are proposing that Re-pair/Re-deem vows and prior group warrior experiences occur in the Phi Proportion - across "time" as the Semper Phi Warrior Sequence, and across "space" along Group Memory Lines.

This hypothesis permits using the many Phi Mechanisms that include the arithmetic of pairing, electromagnetic and charge phenomena, the mechanisms of thunderstorms, hurricanes and tornadoes, and Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.

        Phi Diagram 1       Phi Diagram 2

The proposed re-pair/re-deem rituals would involve the phi proportion.

In all likelihood, a group re-demption ritual  at a group re-demption center would involve drumming and music. Here the best guide to the phi proportion would be the First Movement of Beethoven's Fifth symphony, which can be described as a phi spiral, and in which the classic pulse theme -da-da-da-dah - and the contrasting lyric theme are in the phi proportion.  Beethoven wrote this symphony when he was dealing with his fate of going deaf, and we cite it is another example of the "fate and phi" concept.   

        Phi Diagram 3

In later work, we will describe more fully the fate and phi concept in the first movement of Beethoven's Fifth symphony, but for now, that classic piece of music can serve as a guide to an appropriate phi re-pair/re-deem ritual for ALS. In this context, Beethoven said, "He who truly understands my music must thereby go free of all the misery which others bear about with them."

In terms of the time honored group healing rituals of the indigenous peoples, the group healing rituals for ALS would be, in Australian Aborigines terms, "the right song on the right songline."

And in the spirit of Ignacio, an elder of the San Ildefonso pueblo near Los Alamos, MN, "If when we dance, our hearts are right, the rain will come."

And if you can do a rain dance, you can also do a synapse dance, but you have to know which synapse.

We are in the process of developing phi/ALS re-pair/re-demption rituals in Brattleboro, VT, which has a small cluster of ALS cases, is a focus of ALS thinking,  is about half way between  Milford CT and St.  Johnsbury VT on the New England Warrior (NEW) Line and is in the phi proportion with respect to Milford CT and Simsbury CT.

We want to test the idea that Brattleboro, VT is a "glutamate synapse"  or a group re-demption place.

We wish to do the samething in St. Johnsbury VT, which we also think is a group re-demption place.

Identifying the "Vow" and the Prior Group Warrior Experience: an application to Multiple Sclerosis

Part of the healing process of non-attaching to a prior group warrior experience would be to identify the "vow" and the prior group warrior experience. We have had success in applying this MASH - metaphysical and spiritual healing - approach with at least one woman with multiple sclerosis. See The MASH Approach to Autoimmune Dis-eases -"In, Not Belong" .


The hypothesis that group warrior memories can trigger ALS:

  • accounts for the epidemiological data of ALS that deal with the warrior archetype
  • accounts for an environmental factor in ALS
  • accounts for the clustering of cases in ALS
  • suggests a simple time honored healing approach
  • allows the use of the theory of morphic resonance, the mathematics and the vast literature of the phi proportion, and the ancient wisdom and healing practices of the indigenous peoples
  • and is, perhaps, the easiest to implement, most cost effective and preventative healing strategy for ALS

We know of no other approach to ALS as comprehensive.

Given that people are dying from ALS on a daily basis, "maybe this metaphysical approach will work, and maybe it won't, but the idea is worth considering." We will not know unless we try it.

We welcome Support that will enable us to continue to consider in a thoughtful fashion this metaphysical approach to ALS.