Principles Of MASH

MASH works with five basic principles. (1.) Ease; (2.) Dis-Ease; (3.) How to get from Dis-Ease to Ease; (4.) The Grid; and (5.) The Basic Vibrational Patterns and Metaphysical Themes in the Grid.  The following is a brief explanation of these terms and principles.

I.    Ease is the natural spiritual flow of energy (or of Spirit) that is beyond space and time and beyond all concepts.  It is variously referred to as Flow, Spirit or Source; in the Judaic-Christian tradition as God, Love or Grace.  In the Chinese and other Eastern traditions, it is called the Tao; in Buddhism, the Void; in the Hindu, Ma; in Yoga, Prana.

Terms commonly associated with Ease include, Inspirational, which means, “in spirit.” And Enthusiasm, which comes from the Greek en-theos or “in God.”  Teilhard deChardin, the French-Catholic, Jesuit philosopher said, “Joy is the most infallible sign of the presence of God.”  Health and Healing come from the German and mean, “Wholeness,” and not the absence of sickness or dis-Ease.  Spiritual wholeness means being in Ease.

In MASH we call Ease, “Category I Flow,” and we identify different vibrational patterns of the Flow.

II.     Dis-EASE is the unnatural blockage of spiritual Flow.  A major cause of dis-Ease is stuck memories or a story that a person, group or family may be unknowingly attached to and that might be “stuck” in a Place.  This appears on the Grid as “Prior Roles, Prior Experiences and “Old Play.” It can be referred to as “Act I.”

The two-step MASH healing strategy is to (1) identify the stuck memory/story, and (2) have the person or group non-attach to the stuck memory/story through ritual and by connection to Place.

In MASH we refer to memories/stories and thought forms as, “Category II Metaphysical Forms.”

Recurrent Cycles: Memories and stories recur in cycles similar to the recurrent cycles of the sun and moon and the seasons.  In this sense, MASH is a theory of, “what goes around comes around;” or in Yogi Berra terms, “It’s déjà vu all over again.” A more formal version of this is Rupert Sheldrake’s theory of morphic resonance. He says, “things are as they are because they were as they were,” and talks of the, “effect of like on like.” See  Theory of Morphic Resonance.

We believe that one such recurrent cycle involves Phi (the Divine Proportion or Golden Mean), and what we have termed, “the Semper Phi Warrior Sequence,” (0,4,4,8,12,20,32,52,84,136,220…) where each term in the sequence is the sum of the preceding two terms.

We believe that Group Warrior Morphic/Memory fields manifest both temporally (across time) and spatially (across space) in the phi proportion. It is as if the present moment is a target of several historical sources that are in the phi proportion. We have suggested that ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) involves group warrior memories (see

Group Redemption:  The group healing of Act I involves group re-demption. Re-demption means to re-purchase, and re-purchase means, “get another grip on.”  We also say that a group of people may be coming together or re-limbing to re-member a prior group experience. (To re-member is to re-limb.) The group is in Act II of a three-act play. The group in Act II is getting another grip on a prior group experience and re-deeming it.

For the group in Act II to go on to Act III, they must heal the stuck memory/story from Act I. In the Grid, this group re-demption/healing of Act I occurs at a (Gemini) group re-demption center (in the upper right corner of the Grid). This process is associated with the right hip and the right side of the body.

Having healed Act I, the group going on to Act III involves closing an old play and opening a new play. In the Grid this process of “changing the marquee” occurs at a (Sagittarius) source (in the lower left corner of the Grid). This process is associated with the left hip and the left side of the body.

III.   From Dis-ease to Ease: Non-attaching to the stuck memory/story through Ritual and by Connecting to Place.

Indigenous peoples have done individual and group rituals connected to Place for thousands of years. They believe that rituals are a way to connect to the ancestors and to heal stuck memories/stories.  In the Australian Aborigines’ tradition, every part of your body resonates (re-sounds) with an ancestor, a kinfolk and a Place.  In the Native American tradition, the words of Chief Seattle confirm, “The murmur of the water is the voice of my father’s father.”

MASH weds this time-honored ancient wisdom (the so-called right brain of our culture) with the need to heal specific parts of our bodies and specific scientific dis-Ease processes involving DNA genes, chromosomes, synapses, and auto-immune dis-Eases (the more recent, scientific, so-called left-brain of our culture).

Different stuck memories/stories occur on different vibrational patterns that correspond to:

a.  different body parts and dis-Ease mechanisms, and

b.  different Places.

By doing ritual with intent at the appropriate Place, the stuck memory/story can be re-moved from the person and given to the Place as part of, “People bringing their own lives into harmony with the order and beauty of the world around them” (from the Native American San Ildefonso Pueblo tradition of New Mexico).

IV.   The GRID is a metaphysical X-ray and the cardinal tool of MASH that provides a visual display of spiritual Flow patterns from which we read stuck memories/stories.

Using any date (month/day/year), including a person’s birth date, the GRID shows the vibrational patterns of that date. From those patterns we read the metaphysical and spiritual issues that may/are affect(ing) a person. Further, stuck memories/stories also occur on vibrational patterns, and the GRID can read why an event (accident, death or onset of a dis-Ease) occurred to a particular person on a particular day.

To read the stuck memories/stories MASH uses two tools of spiritual wholeness: the GRID and Dowsing.  We also work with intuitive people who are able to sense peoples’ stuck memories/stories.

Click to view and print out:  The Grid

V.   The Basic Vibrational Patterns and Metaphysical Themes in the GRID

From the birth date, a person has an age-group planet metaphor in one of the 12 zodiac signs, and has an individual planet metaphor in one of the 30 Grid windows. These windows are based on the degree positions of the planets on that date (there are a possible 30). The accompanying themes are relevant to their healing and spiritual wholeness.  For instance:

·        Re-deeming and laying to rest a Prior Group Experience involves the sign Libra, windows 9, 20, 15, 28 and the sign Gemini.

·        A group re-turning to a Place involves the sign Aquarius, windows 00, 13 and the sign Gemini.

·        Closing an Old Play involves the sign Aries, windows 26 (associated with the goddess Kali), 25, and 16 (associated with Trickster energy).

·        Opening a New Play involves the sign Sagittarius, windows 1, 10, the sign Leo and window 12.

·        Non-attaching (or reaming) to a Prior Role involves windows 3, 14, 18, 07, 27 and 05.

·        Re-organizing and dis-charging a Prior Individual Experience involves the sign Capricorn, windows 11, 23, 21, 17 and 19.

·        Connecting to the “Waters Above” and a New Vision on the 6th chakra involves the signs Virgo and Taurus and the window 22.

·        Connecting to the “Waters Below” and a Destiny of the 2nd chakra involves the sign Pisces and window 4, the sign Scorpio and windows 2 and 6.

·        A New Culture is represented in window 8 and a New Group Experience is represented in window 29.

By matching the energy of a person (Grid) with the energy of a Place (determined by dowsing, geometry and intuition), we propose that Metaphysical and Spiritual Healing will heal the physical body.