The Grid

The Grid is a theory of vibrations or flow patterns that transcend or go deeper than space and time. Each vibration or flow pattern is arbitrarily assigned a color and has a metaphysical theme.

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The Four Vibrations or Flow Patterns

Red (upper right of the grid) is the flow of Group Experiences. Old Red is Prior Group Experiences, and New Red is New Group Experiences.

Blue (lower right of the grid) is the flow of Individual Experiences. It deals with the pairing of polar opposites and is identified with the second chakra. Old Blue is Prior Individual Experiences or “history on the second chakra.” New Blue is new authentic individual experiences.

Green is the flow of Individual Ideas and is identified with the sixth chakra. Old Green (lower right of the grid) is Prior or traditional individual roles or “history on the sixth chakra.” New Green (upper left of the grid) is the creation and manifestation of new or nontraditional ideas.

Orange (lower left of the grid) is the flow of group ideas or group core beliefs. Old Orange is old or traditional group beliefs, and new Orange is new or nontraditional group ideas.

The Three Catagories

Category I refers to the vibration or flow pattern, Category II refers to the metaphysical forms, and Category III refers to the corresponding physical forms or events in the physical world of space and time.

Dreamtime and Yuti

We use the Australian Aboriginal words Dreamtime for the realm of the Category II metaphysical forms that are known through thought, and Yuti for the Category III physical forms in the realm of space and time that is known through the five physical senses.

The Positions of the Six Outer Planets

The Grid uses the positions — the zodiac sign and degree window — of the six outer planets: pluto, neptune, uranus, chiron, saturn and jupiter. Each planet metaphor has a meaning :

  • pluto – re-linking to soul issues
  • neptune – metaphysical script or agenda
  • uranus – natural experience/happens by itself
  • chiron – align/heal/chronic focus
  • saturn – bring into the physical
  • jupiter – crisis/opportunity

The Grid versus Classical Astrology

The Grid differs from classical astrology in two ways:

  1. Classical astrology assigns qualitative meaning to the twelve zodiac signs, but not to the thirty degrees that make up each zodiac sign. The Grid assigns qualitative meaning to each of these thirty degrees. Thus, degree 1 differs from degree 2, which differs from degree 3, etc. The idea of closeness to or being in a neighborhood of a degree is not valid.
  2. By using the position of the six outer or slower planets, the grid requires only the day/month/year but not the time or place of birth.

The Grid is stable over period of several days, which allows the creation of a database.

For example, Michael Jordan (2/17/63) -perhaps the world = s best basketball player- and Charles Barkley (2/20/63) – another top notch NBA player were born within three days of each other, and it is easy to identify their athletic ability from the grid pattern of these dates.

Wayne London (10/19/38) was born two days after Evel Knievel (10/17/38) – the passionate stunt man and two days before Christopher Lloyd (10/21/38) – the mad scientist in Back to the Future who invented a time machine. London is also a passionate stunt man who invented a time machine – the Grid.

We believe that information about the six slowest planets provides insight into deeper Metaphysical and Spiritual Healing (MASH) issues such as connection to Spirit, soul issues, metaphysical agendas and the re-sounding of karma.

These PrinciPLES underlie the PrinciPALS of the physical world.